Bringing Exquisite Interiors to Life

As a full-service design-build company, SPECTRA DESIGN's goal is to meet our clients' every need in designing, building and renovating their home. To do so, we offer a wide range of comprehensive services that include:

  • Gut renovation of brownstones and townhouses
  • Modernization and refurbishment of historic buildings
  • Kitchens and bathrooms including design and installation
  • Fabrication and installation of custom cabinetry
  • Decoration and furnishings

Whether you want an entire integrated solution or individual elements, we handle all aspects of a design-build project from conception to completion. Choosing us as your one-stop resource enables us to save you valuable time and expense, while maximizing value in your home.

We also work closely with the best qualified architects and designers to provide these vital services, or can collaborate with our clients' existing professionals to complement their expertise.

Today, a good number of homeowners are choosing to stay put and also do remodeling to upgrade the expression of their existing homes as opposed to purchasing a brand new one. It's trying to perform remodeling but going out can function as a stressful option - and this is where Home Remodeling Contractors New York comes to rescue. There are varied reasons why remodeling your house is a splendid idea. To bring a feeling of style is among the best reasons mainly if your home is outdated.

Remodeling lets you alter your home to match your tastes and feel of style.

Appreciating the Value of your House

Remodeling boosts your property's value. To make your home attractive to prospective buyers, remodeling is a fantastic notion. Enhancing the beauty & functionality of an outdated house can be challenging as there are new houses now with fantastic amenities added. Potential buyers are fascinated continuously by those contemporary yet functional homes. By simply remodeling one area instead Complete Home Renovation New York particularly the bathroom you can considerably add value to your house.

We understand that home remodeling ought to be a step-by-step approach where each part is pre-decided from our team of Remodeling Contractors in New York. Essential pieces of house remodeling would be the restructuring along with the planning. If you would like to create changes in the architecture of your residence, then the procedure is cumbersome and costly. Regular repair and remodeling are two entirely different strategies. Remodeling will consist of redesigning and refurbishing of the interiors of your property.

Getting the home remodeling performed is a costly outlay, and it is one of the reasons that we have a team of expert New York Home Remodeling Contractors who are proficient yet creative to design & rebuild the space based on the given budget of our clients. Our remodelers do renovations at the best level and are certain every minute detailing is coped with particular attention and care. The finish and fit they supply together with the support that's given are of the maximum quality.

We redesign the entire home by your needs and satisfaction.