Décor that Embodies the Essence of Self-Expression

SPECTRA DESIGN creates elegant and inviting interiors that are tailored to reflect the unique personality of each client.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in delivering a fresh new look to any property using a variety of styles ranging from classic to modern, with special attention to your distinct taste.

Our mission is to enhance the overall ambiance of your space by incorporating the influences of furnishings, accessories and artwork, with the result being functional, beautiful rooms that respect and adhere to the home's existing architectural character.

We believe each element should contribute to form and function, and maintain a consistent standard of quality while adding to the aesthetics. We also provide assistance in purchasing complementary pieces of furniture and décor items, as well as acquiring art and antiques - whether to begin or enhance your special collection.

Get a fantastic dash of decorating enthusiasm to make a home decorations Greenwich that stretch your imagination. Make style a significant effect and creation if decorating on a sound emotional wave. Take your decorative design on a trip of sophistication to refine, improve and put up beautiful interior spaces.

Trust our ornamental notions to style living spaces which go a higher level in imagination and dynamism of our home decorators Westport. Use mega-size inspiration to boost your decorating design for a knockout or high in luxury.

Does your house need a significant style of transformation? Find improving endurance in coordinated finishes, trendy accessories which modernize and striking treatments to overhaul a sagging interior strategy.

Selecting a professional home decorators Westport like Spectra Design is almost always a terrific idea because we know precisely what our clients are looking for in their home decoration project. As an industry expert, we will undoubtedly bring a stylish and fashionable environment to your house, and they're well aware of the newest trends. Our home decorators Weston have an extremely professional level of view compare to amateur firms since they've both expertise and skill sets. They can transform your dull, non-happening location into an exciting area to hang.

Home decor is chosen based on the size of the house, and we will need keeping or changing the things in line with the dimensions of your property. In case the aspects of your house are minimal then you need to go for extraordinarily straightforward and elegant home decorations Westport. We would not go for incorporating additional decorative bits and furniture.

Should you possess an extremely big-sized house, then we help you to organize the things very efficiently and save a bit of space. Dominant size houses are like blessings as it provides more space to use the creativity of our designers and deliver one of a kind home decorations in New York. Our home decorators Greenwich also has appropriate and proper placement of useful and practical things like furniture, many artifacts and electronics items of your property.